Vtiger 7.2 Integration possible?


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carpenox - Most Senior Member  
Has the Asterisk connector been tried with asterisk 13? I am not having any luck connecting vtiger to asterisk or vicidial in general, any1 had any luck with this? Seems like this may be an abandoned integration or am i wrong?



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ambiorixg12 - Well-known member  
Official Vtiger site says "Vtiger supports Asterisk Direct Gateway version 1.4 & 1.6 and Asterisk version 1.8 to 11." All of them dead versions of Asterisk, I dont see too many changes on the Asterisk 13 's AMI, compared to the version 1.8 and 11. So I assume it could work on the Asterisk side, now the VICidial side, I readed a post where Matt said the following "We stopped our in-depth integration with Vtiger several years ago. The last version it would work with is 5.1.0.



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carpenox - Most Senior Member  
OK so ive been trying only the asterisk to vtiger connection with VtigerAsteriskConnector and set that part up exactly the way instructions say to, but when i enter the information in Vtiger, for PBX manager, and click save, I dont see anything set there afterwards, i need to locate where the error log for this is


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I managed to get click2call to work on vtiger 7.2 with vicidial using https://github.com/chandero/AsteriskIntegrator .. You have to modify webapp.sh and insert the correct class path.

The only problem is that, its not registering under the pbxmanager, its still empty with no call log or recording.. however am able to make incoming/outgoing calls fine..

I am not sure if its a code or extension/routing or recording path problem, hope that helps.

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