VICIdial 2.13 RC 1 has been released!


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We just posted Vicidial 2.13 RC 1 to sourceforge

There are dozens of new features and bug fixes in this RC as well as the new dynamic non-English language platform that have been added in the last year to the project.

Here is a list of the changes since 2.11:

1. Added System Settings to allow custom prompts on agent login and when an
agent leaves a 3way call in the agent screen. Must Have Asterisk 1.8+
for it to work.

2. Added ability to use single-quotes in vicidial_list fields. Through the
agent screen and all lead import methods

3. Added option to populate the entry_list_id from the DID when routing to an

4. Added agent screen webform 3 feature

5. Added user API restrictions for allowed lists and allowed API functions

6. Added web administration for chat features

7. Added new campaign settings for Manual Dial Search and Manual Dial Filter to
allow for Alt phone and Address3 phone numbers to be allowed

8. Added campaign option to disable the Manual Dial Override field

9. Added option to change the background color for agent scripts

10. Added option to hide the In-Group ID in the agent screen for inbound calls

11. Added option to not populate the In-Group Name in the security_phrase field
(the "Show" field) of the vicidial_list table on new inbound leads.

12. Added list_description as a webform and script variable

13. Added campaign option to allow you to set the number of seconds after a
customer hangs up before the warning shows on the agent screen

14. Added ability to use No Agent Call URL with the dispo_move_list.php script
see script comments for instructions.

15. Added DID options to check for a Maximum number of calls in queue in a set
In-Group and route the call to an extension if over the set number.

16. Added the ability to define multiple Dispo Call URLs as well as define
specific statuses that they will be triggered for.

17. Added compatibility in the Vicidial code for Asterisk 11.

18. Added database and logfile logging of DTMF events. Works with Asterisk
versions 1.8 and higher. If upgrading, you will need to add "dtmf" to
the listencron user in manager.conf and reload asterisk.

19. Added agent screen debug logging, which will log almost all mouse clicks
and AJAX calls on the agent screen. Can be enabled for all agents or
only one agent. Also added report to display logs by date/time. These
agent debug logs are deleted after 7 days.

20. Added agc/dispo_add_FPG.php script to be able to insert a phone number into
an inbound Filter Phone Group when set to a certain specific disposition
using the Dispo Call URL.

21. Added campaign option to display some lead fields as read-only in the agent
screen. Those fields are: entry_date,source_id,date_of_birth,rank,owner

22. Added option in the web-based lead loader to convert state names to their
two-letter abbreviations.

23. Added option to Secondary Lead Sort by vendor lead code

24. Added option to User Stats report to only show call logs with a specified
call status.

25. Added experimental Agent Whisper Monitoring from the Real-time Report.
Must be enabled in System Settings.

26. Added the ability in in-groups to set reset a lead's called status when a
call is ended by being abandoned, dropped, hung up or sent to voicemail

27. Added Admin -> Settings Containers to admin web interface to allow more easy
configuration of back end scripts and Dispo Email sending

28. Added agc/dispo_send_email.php script to be used with the Dispo Call URL
option in campaigns and in-groups. See DISPO_SEND_EMAIL.txt doc for
more information on this feature.

29. Added code to support proprietary encryption framework for custom fields.

30. Added new User Group options for Allowed Reports to control the Report Page
Servers Summary and the Admin Utilities Page

31. Added optional GPG audio recording encryption.

32. Added option to use RECID as a recording filename variable.
NOTE: Cannot be used as the ONLY variable for recording filename

33. Added functionality to adjust the input field lengths in the agent screen
and the admin modify lead pages to follow the database schema field
lengths for the default lead fields.

34. Added DID custom fields as webform and script variables
(did_custom_one, did_custom_two,..., did_custom_five)

35. Added option to hide users from appearing on real-time report. Must be
enabled in System Settings, then for each user to be hidden.

36. Added did_carrier_description, sorting by columns in DID list page, integer
sort for user list page.

37. Added logging of DNC list insertion and deletion to vicidial_dnc_log table

38. Added script to allow filtering of existing DNC entries

39. Changed AC-CID to be able to use areacodes from 2 to 5 digits in length

40. Added admin web interface to allow for easy linking and display of custom
reports that are not included in Vicidial

41. Added Status Groups and the ability to override Campaign Statuses on a
per-In-Group or per-List basis

42. Added Minimum and Maximum Seconds options for all status settings. This
allows you to prevent the use of a status by an agent if they have
talked to a customer less than X seconds or more than Y seconds.

43. Added the system setting USA-Canada Phone Number Dialcode Fix which will
trigger a process that will run at the Timeclock End of Day that will
check all phone numbers to populate the dial code, or phone code, field
with a 1 if it is missing as well as remove a leading 1 from the phone
number field if it is present.

44. Added --lstn-buffer option to keepalive script to run special enhanced
buffer version of the Listen process. Requires newer Net::Telnet perl
module version.

45. Added Answering Machine Message Wildcards features for campaigns. Allows for
calls sent to a message to play a different message depending on whether
a wildcard text string is present in a selected lead data field.

46. Added Cached Realtime Carrier Stats option to System Settings to have the
Carrier Log Stats generated once per minute system-wide instead of every
time the realtime report refreshes on every screen.

47. Added option to several reports to search the archived logs.

48. Added script which allows for direct batch filtering of
lists within vicidial with the DNC.COM dnc filtering service. For more
info, see the DNC-dot-COM_integration.txt document.

49. Added phone options to have call go to dialplan extension instead of
voicemail if phone not answered.

50. Added option in NVA agi script to search for a lead by phone number, log the
lead_id of the phone call and send a per-phone URL at the start of the
phone call.

51. Added Chat Messaging to agent screen, with manager chat utlitity. For more
information, read the CHAT_MESSAGING.txt doc.

52. Added example code for a CRM Iframe agent screen skin(extras/crm_iframe)
See the CRM_EXAMPLE_SKIN.txt doc for more information

53. Added utility to gather and display Asterisk debug information. Includes
a server setting and Admin Utilities report.

54. Added campaign setting for manual_dial_timeout for manual dial agent screen
calls only.

55. Added Agent Allowed Chat Groups to User Groups to allow restriction of only
agent to agent chatting by itself.

56. Added options in In-Groups and Campaigns to allow for the agent recordings
to be initiated by the routing process instead of at the agent screen.
This only works for inbound and auto-dial outbound calls for in-groups
and campaigns that are set to ALLCALLS or ALLFORCE recording.

57. Added option to Inbound DID Group Filtering to filter by areacode.

58. Added in-group option for On-Hook CID Number.

59. Added available_agents and status_link button options as well as validation
of active in-group to the chat_customer screen.

60. Added campaign setting Manual Dial Hopper Check that will check for a lead
in the hopper with the same phone number as any manual call being
placed from the agent screen, and if one exists it will be deleted
before the manual dial call is placed.

61. Added recording access logging per user(must be enabled in System Settings)

62. Added ability to transfer customer chats to another chat group or agent

63. Added API Log Report to Admin Utilities page

64. Added Alternate IVR(Call Menu) Logging options

65. Added option to define a carrier across all active asterisk servers

66. Added campaign option to move USERONLY scheduled callbacks to ANYONE
callbacks after X minutes being LIVE without the agent calling them

67. Made several changes to the admin web screen and real-time report designs

68. Added options to define color scheme and logo for admin web screens

69. Added new options to enable the recent changes to the UK OFCOM Drop Rate
calculations. There is a new System Setting to enable on the system,
and then each affected campaign must also have the new option enabled
for it as well. Affects the predictive algorithm and the Real-time and
Outbound Calling reports.

70. Added phone outbound alt caller ID to allow for phone-dialed calls to use
a separate CID number when dialing through a specific context

71. Added display of admin change differences to last change on the change
detail page

72. Added the ability to copy audio store files with a new name

73. Started process to redesign the Agent Screen, added Screen Colors
definitions, removed san-serif fonts, changed loading/login/logout
screens, logging of browser width/height.

74. Changed HTML Reports to use dynamic charting Javascript elements

75. Added campaign option to automatically manual dial next number in agent
screen after X seconds. Must be enabled in System Settings.

76. Added recording filename option to update filename post-call with select
variable values, uses options in script

77. Added ALT Multi Dispo URL option to restrict URL sending by list ID.

78. Added Admin Bulk Tools page, linked from Admin Utilities page

79. Added customer chat options for logo/colors and a survey link after chat is

80. Added the User Group Hourly Report

81. Added User List NEW Lead Limits, with User overrides. Allows you to set a
limit on the number of NEW status leads that an agent can call on a per
list basis per day. Also allows overall NEW limits across all lists for
a user per day

82. Added List Merge admin utility

83. Added Fronter - Closer Detail Report

84. Added option to allow agents to park 3way calls in the agent screen

85. Added option to web lead loader to restrict leads to only those with a
phone number of a specified length. Options for forced system-wide and

86. Added more options to the Callback moving utilities in Admin Utilities page

87. Added Agent Audio Soundboards


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dspaan - Most Senior Member  
Hi Matt, my compliments for this change:

74. Changed HTML Reports to use dynamic charting Javascript elements

It makes the reports look 10 times better!

A question about this one:

87. Added Agent Audio Soundboards

I found this under System Settings, enabled it, created a Soundboard but how do i use it in a campaign? And in which scenario would one typically use this?


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mflorell - Most Senior Member  
For soundboards, go to the Admin -> Soundboards page and click on the help icon.

It's used for playing audio files in an agent's session.
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