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How can we install SSL certificate (Letsencrypt / Certibot) on vicibox 7.0.4 ?

I have followed the instructions on certibot website and successfully generated the certificates but was not able to install due to the error below.

"No vhost exists with servername or alias of No vhost was selected. Please specify ServerName or ServerAlias in the Apache config, or split vhosts into separate files."

I have tried adding the hostnames using yast but it didn't workout.

Can you help me how to setup the vhosts with servername on vicibox 7.0.4 ?


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1) Sponsor a request to Kumba/The Vicidial Group for activation of a vhost with a specified domain name during buildout of each box. (Recommended!)

2) Create a vhost. Examples/templates are in /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/ Certbot is very good at managing named sites, but they must exist before they can be managed. Vicidial is built without any named sites. Be sure to include both and if you want to access them both ways.

3) Pay someone like PoundTeam Incorporated to work it out for you.
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