Redial Function Required


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caspar - Well-known member  
Sometimes it happens that you call a client on a cellular phone, his/her phone loses signal while being in an important conversation. The agents then needs some sort of redial function to call exactly the same lead again, without scheduling it as a callback.

Will it be a big thing to add a "redial" button next to the "hangup" button in case the agent want to call the same lead again?


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mflorell - Most Senior Member  
You would want to activate alternate number dialing for that campaign, this allows redialing after a hangup on the same lead.


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hashtagjet - Active member  
Pardon me, as it seems quite obvious that we have to, but just wanted to confirm. Does this mean you have to add the same number on the alt number field for each lead in the system for your method to work then?



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mflorell - Most Senior Member  
No, the Alt-Dial functionality gives you the ability to dial any of the three available numbers of a lead:



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Hi Please Give me some ideas to this one issues.
after i clicked the alt phone. the issue is call was not placed there was an error: Call not placed number not in camplists
Please see the screenshot.
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