Proper Ratio for Remote Agent Survey Dialing


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Hi Vicidial Community,

Good Day, I have this question If I use a Remote Agent for Survey Campaign on Outbound Call Broadcast. What should the Dial Ratio value for 1 remote agent or 2 remote agent? I just notice for default ratio which is 1 in 1 remote agent, sometimes Auto-Dialing won't work then when we change it to 1.3 or 1.2 it works but for 1000 leads only 5% of it able to received the broadcast and the rest is ADC status and I can't find the logs that the number is called in /var/log/asterisk/. So I figured it might have to do something with ratio. If I'm wrong please enlighten me
Thank you in Advance.

ViciBox Redux v.6.0.4
VERSION: 2.12-550a
BUILD: 160414-1013


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mflorell - Most Senior Member  
You should always dial at RATIO with 1.0 dial level for Remote Agent survey dialing. To increase your dialing rate you need to increase the Number of Lines in the Remote Agent entry.
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