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VERSION: 2.14-627a
BUILD: 170828-2105
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Asterisk 1.8
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HI guys, how the lead Recycling menu works on the campaign coz when i tried to apply it on the the leads does not appear on the dialable leads only on the hopper, its filling the leads on teh hopper but i have no idea when the leads will runout, any idea how to used it.?


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williamconley - Most Senior Member  
Don't. Lead Recycling is designed *specifically* to call back busy leads in 30-90 seconds. If you're using it for anything else, you'll not like the results. It's not maintained much. Can result in calling the same lead 30 times by accident (even after the lead has called back and been dispo'd ...).

You should be calling all your leads, resetting the list, and then calling all the leads again with the "Dial Status" list filtering the results of the prior run. If you want to dial certain leads sooner, use "list order" to push them to the top of the list. If you want to call those more often, reset the list more often.

But don't use Lead Recycle.
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