Increase the length of recordings


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ruben23 - Most Senior Member  
Version: 2.14b0.5
SVN Version: 3224
DB Schema Version: 1592
DB Schema Update Date: 2020-04-15 13:13:53
Password Encryption: DISABLED - S1 - C1
Auto User-add Value: 101
Recording Prompt Count: 0
asteriskvici 13.2

HI guys any idea how to extend the length of the recordings.? currently now its only recording at 3600 secs can i increase this further.? please any idea


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mflorell - Most Senior Member  
This is set in the Modify Server admin page for each server on your system:

Recording Limit -
This field is where you set the maximum number of minutes that a call recording initiated by the system can be. Default is 60 minutes. This setting also limits the amount of time a 3-way call that has been left by an agent will stay up before it is terminated.
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