COMPLETE - Finish QC functionality


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Framercy - Active member  
I'm thinking if there is no way to implement the functionality into the existing agent interface to go a shortcut here and safe some time...


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Trying - Well-known member  
William is done with the development. As far as I know he is only still left with making the system SVN upgrade proof. I have asked him to share the QC system with the community so hopefully this will happen soon and Matt will also hopefully be happy to integrate it even "tighter". William, when can the rest start using the system?


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cvillarreal77 - Active member  
ok, I thought that this module was not finalized ... so I just have to follow the VICIDIAL manual
QUALITY CONTROL MANUAL v0.5 Beta (-r 72) in the latest version of vicibox ..... is it correct?
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