Auto Hangup Inbound Calls after asking to be called back

I'm setting up the Develop Environment that will be migrated to physical hardware once completed ,shown in my signature, I should create and Inboud service for a customer,but he asked me a feature I did'nt succeed to accomplish.
He has a toll free number and he pays calls received from mobile phones, more than calls placed to same numbers, so he asked me to intercept mobile calls and ask customers to press 1 to be called back entering the same queue of the standard inbound calls, or hangup the call (not by customer, but by system directly, i know it's strange, but you know customers first ! )
According to this post ... =2&t=17952
I've created a DID that routes calls to the main call menu as default action , but it has a filter that matches mobile phones and routes them to an in-group in which I've done the settings in the post, and it mainly works, but the problem is that if there are agents available and the customer doesn't press 1, the calls enter to the agents in the campaign, probably I miss something, ( I've set the first wait time option to PRESS_CALLBACK_QUEUE and "hold estimated option" to "CALLER ID CALLBACK" )

I've tried in two ways
If I set/flag the In-Group in the campaign, it happens what described in my earlier post
If I set the in-group with no campaign, and then I add TIMEOT as dial statuses with the inbound list active inside the campaign , the hopper doesn't fill

I Just need a unique blended campaign in which calls follow the normal route of in-groups and call menus , and it's working like always, but if calls arrive from mobile, the in-group should play a message and then store the lead in the call back list provided ...

Thanks for any help
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