Agent Session Getting Paused Automatically


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Hi there,

I know this topic has been dicussed many times, but my issue not resolved with any of the solutions. My agents session are getting automatically paused and it says "Your session has been paused"

What i have found till now, that my time is okay on Mysql Php and asterisk, my database tables are okay and there is no crashed table. My hard disk space is okay also my network latency is fine from Agents PC to Server PC.

My observations are the table vicidial_live_agent has a field last_update_time and this filed get updated when conf_exten_check.php file hit by Agent browser session. conf_exten_check.php runs a query
"UPDATE vicidial_live_agents set random_id='$random' where user='$user' and server_ip='$server_ip';";
this query updates random id and after update query execution it also update last_updat_time field
I have monitored database and found the when session get paused before that this field stopped updating and it get stuck somewhere but on mysql "show processlist" command it does not show any stucked query, also on the agent browser screen when I inspect the browser it keep sending the request to server.

I am very confused that what thing is stopping the conf_exten_check.php page to update vicidial_agent_list.

Please anyone can help in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

I am using Vicidial Scratch Install
Asterisk 11.22
VERSION: 2.13-576a
BUILD: 161126-2138
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I would suggest updating to SVN 3390 which has quiet alert sounds in the background to stop the throttling. Have you tried installing the packages ive mentioned in other posts about this?


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sohaib - Active member  
Hi, thanks for your response.

No i haven't tried any packages, can you send me link of you post in this regard please?

second this is that this system was working completely fine and it was running since 2 years without any issue suddenly it start making this issue. I have stopped antivirus as well on agent PC and other possible things which i can do i have done.


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sohaib - Active member  
My case is different then that, my session is getting paused.
however, these packages are already installed.

What could be the reason of this issue? i can try update the SVN, but this system was running smoothly since two years, so I am more curious to know what is causing this issue.
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