25 Seat Call Center Server Build/Setup

New 25 seat call center North of Los Angeles, looking for person to build and send a vicidial server to us and do remote (or in person) setup on our network. Support would be requested for 6 months to one year. Looking to get setup and running in 7-10 days from 2/26/17. I have one quote for around $4,000 but thought that sounded like a bit much. Please send any questions for additional clarification.

Thank you.


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http://catalog.poundteam.com/product_in ... ucts_id=35

"six months support" is vague and likely to be seriously (and unnecessarily) expensive. Probably the reason for your quotation.

This is not a Microsoft environment application that you purchase with free support. Therefor the people who offer support (especially vague support) always overcharge when there's no "hourly" limit. Similar to purchasing a used car: Who would offer a multi-year warranty on a 10 year old car? Someone charging way too much, of course. lol (And before you say it: I have two ten year old cars in my driveway right now, and neither one has any problems!)
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