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    TILTX setup issue

    For reference, the TILTX instructions are posted here: As for the container entry, the instructions say "place only the TILTX API key into the Container Entry", so you should place only the TILTX API key into the Container Entry, nothing else. The...
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    Mute Recording/Start Stop Recording in Asterisk 1.4

    There has to be some kind of limit on the amount of mute time, or muted recordings where there had been some kind of issue with the agent session would be sitting there indefinitely and lost after a reboot. We chose 15 minutes because it seemed like a good balance between the allowed length of a...
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    Shared Agent Dialing

    Just email <> and mention this topic(with a link). As for adding a per-list CID Group Override, that would be more involved given the many sources and options for setting a CID on a call. I'd have to do a code review before I could quote you on that one.
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    Potential bug in agi_VDAD_local_optimize.agi

    With this dialplan entry, you are placing your phone calls twice. Doing this will result in inconsistent logging as well as the issues you are experiencing. If you need to use a failover carrier setup, I would recommend using OpenSIPs instead, since that is what it was designed to do on a...
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    Mute Recording/Start Stop Recording in Asterisk 1.4

    1. in our tests with PauseMonitor, the results were inconsistent with how it worked in Meetme sessions, which is why we didn't add that feature to VICIdial earlier. 2. If the recording is muted for over 15 minutes, the recording file will be processed by the server and moved.
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    Mute Recording/Start Stop Recording in Asterisk 1.4

    You would need to upgrade your system(which you should do anyway), since Asterisk 1.4 does not support that feature.
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    Shared Agent Dialing

    Our base rate is $200/hr, so $400 for 2 hours, then it's part of the VICIdial codebase.
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    switch_lead api function only works once per session

    The Agent API "switch_lead" function should return an "ERROR: agent_user does not have a live call..." response if you are trying to use it after hanging up the customer.
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    Incorrect data in the table vicidial_campaign_stats

    We finally had some time(and patience) to work on this over the last week and we've committed updated code to svn/trunk revision 3480. Please upgrade and give it a try and let us know if you find any issues with it.
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    switch_lead api function only works once per session

    That specific error was fixed in svn/trunk a few days ago as I was trying to fix another issue.
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    switch_lead api function only works once per session

    Are there any errors on the web browser console when this happens?
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    DB Failed Attempts

    I would consider these specific requests outside of the scope of VICIdial itself, since they don't directly involve VICIdial. I'm sure there are utilities somewhere that can do this already, even if they're just plugins to Nagios or iCinga.
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    it is possible to manual dial in viciphone?

    Are you using the "Phone Only" page? (linked from Reports -> Admin Utilities) If so, and you are still have problems, post what shows up on the Asterisk CLI when you try to dial.
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    Populate Lead Comments

    Apologies for not responding to this topic for 2 months, we've been pretty busy here. This looks like a good Feature Request for you to post on the Issue Tracker. It will require adding a new option in the Modify In-Group screen, and associated changes on the back-end. I will also add this to...
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    Vicidial can make video calls?

    If you install Asterisk 16 on it, it is technically possible to make video calls through it if you configure it properly, but I wouldn't say it's ready for production, it's very inconsistent. We did a lot of testing of that last year and were disappointed in how bad it worked, failure to start...
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    State CID Group records where State = Empty String

    You will probably have to raise the PHP variable limit to get to 2000+ CID Group entries, but other than that, it should work. For other clients with this kind of issue, we usually recommend just setting up a crontab entry to set the state to 'UF' for records with no populated state.
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    Copy an Existing Phone not working - UNKNOWN SQL ERROR

    This has been fixed in svn/trunk revision 3464.
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    OB Calling Restriction

    Yes, we have set this up for clients using the Phones' setting "Phone Context" and a corresponding Call Menu with the same Call Menu ID as the Phone Context, and then a Custom Dialplan Entry in that Call Menu with a PIN number entry portion before a call is allowed to go out. It's a bit complex...
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    System delay

    There is often a database size tipping point after which problems start. We've seen this happen with many clients. I would suggest removing unused leads, setting up log archiving and running a database performance tuning script to see what my.cnf changes your system might benefit from.
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    ViciBox v.10 roadmap

    We have been testing PJSIP, it does things very differently as far as the configuration files goes when compared to the old chan_SIP module. So, there will need to be some code adjustments on the VICIdial side to make it work with PJSIP phone and trunk configurations, but that is on our list to...
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