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    guys need help urgetn

    i am using vicidialnow latest version(vicidialnow-ce-1.1-cd.iso) i have sone all settings successfully when i go for manual dialing method it works properly but when i go for predictive dialing method it just hangup call in 3 sec i tried to call on my own mobile no when i pickup the call it...
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    abt viidialnow 1.1

    i have installed it but am not been able to register the extension!!!!!!!!!!
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    hey guys help me wid the extension.conf & sip,.conf

    extension.conf [general] static=yes writeprotect=no [globals] CONSOLE=Console/dsp ; Console interface for demo TRUNK=Zap/g1 ; Trunk interface TRUNKX=Zap/g2 ; 2nd trunk interface TRUNKIAX=IAX2/ASTtest1:test@ ; IAX trunk interface...
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    req. person to install the vicidial on windows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 500$ or if u can suggest the deal then u r welcome !!!!!!!!!!
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    vtiger + VICIDIAL

    Make vicidial such tht leads shld be loaded into crm n all report generation n all stuff should be done by crm r by sm other app
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    need suggestion

    hi all i am gonna set-up 200+ seat call center with full recording n completely on PRI line so suggest me the all setup
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    i want to use DIALPRIX

    if i wanna use dialprix then what version use of: ASTERISK astguiclient & is dialprix is GNUGPL & is it possible to link the Vitger CRM with dialprix
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