Ubuntu's max resolution is 1024x768 (unknown monitor)


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Ubuntu is also a Linux operating system (OS) distribution developed in South African by a businessman, Mark Shuttleworth, who made his fortune selling his company to VeriSign. Ubuntu is based on an older distribution called Debian.
Ubuntu is world's user-friendly Linux distributions, and even though I have been using Linux since the days of downloading it from the UseNet News Groups.
I find Ubuntu my go-to distribution for general use. I use other distributions as well, including Slackware, depending on what I want to do.

Let's discuss about display issue.

When attach an external display to laptop normally display resolution shows s Unknown Monitor or proper resolution not show

However there is 2 possible ways to fix it.

Method 1
First type xrandr -q on terminal to see your valid screen outputs eg. VGA1 DVI-1 or LVDS-1 etc...
Then type xrandr --addmode DVI-1 1920x1080 on terminal (1920x1080 is resolution you want to show on external display)
Then new option will appear in your Displays configuration

Note: This change is not persistent after restart.
To make it persistent I made shell script which do above mentioned command xrandr --addmode... and then I add line to file /etc/lightdm as follows

this way new resolution is added before desktop try to set it...

Method 2
To setup the display resolution with 1920x1080 res 60 Hz:

First type xrandr -q on terminal to see the valid display screen output
Then add new mode with resolution
xrandr --newmode $(cvt 1920 1080 60 | grep Mode | sed -e 's/.*"/1920x1080/')
:: Note: 1920x1080 is resolution size we want to implement on external display

After adding resolution assign to display eg. VGA1 DVI-1 or LVDS-1 etc...
xrandr --addmode <display name> 1920x1080
xrandr --addmode VGA-1 1920x1080

Then go to display, The new resolution will start showing on assigned display output.
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