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VICIdial is an open-source, cloud-based contact center solution suitable for small to large call centers in a variety of industries. Key features include inbound and outbound calls, call routing, email integration, online chat and call recording.

VICIdial uses the Subversion (SVN) version control system for maintaining our development code base. VICIdial do'nt commit any code to subversion server till it has actually been thoroughly tested.
As such we actually recommend installing the latest SVN version of Vicidial on your servers.

Know exact SVN version of your Vicidial
Login to VICIdial admin panel and go to
Admin > System Settings

There you will see the 4 digits SVN version number of your VICIdial.

Steps to update SVN version of Vicidial

1) Backup your existing VICIdial

You can manually take backup or use existing backup script provided by Vicidial.
Using Vicidial backup script: perl /usr/share/astguiclient/

2) Download latest SVN trunk version or a specific SVN version

mkdir /usr/src/astguiclient
cd /usr/src/astguiclient
To download latest SVN:
svn checkout svn://

To download specific SVN (For eg. 3271):
svn checkout -r 3271 svn://

3) Run the Install script
cd /usr/src/astguiclient/trunk

This script will ask you several configuration options. After selecting appropriate options, it will update your Vicidial setup files.

Once all above steps executed successfully, verify the updated SVN version by following above step 1.

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