Multi Lead Auto Alt-Number Dialing

I'm trying to troubleshoot / understand Multi Lead Auto Alt-Number Dialing.
Hopper VLC Dup Check is set to Y; AUTO ALT NUMBER DIALING STATUSES are set to include most statuses which are not human answer.

I'm trying to understand why I have leads with 0 called count getting deactivated with the MLINAT status after "Answering Machine" disposition of other leads with matching vendor_lead_code. That's not how it's supposed to work, is it?

Another thing that's not clear to me is the purpose of the MLINAT status in the first place, I want the lead that's a SALE to change all other matching leads to a SALE status, not MLINAT. Same with the "Not Interested" or "Disqualified" or "DNC" statuses. That way I can call only correct Dial Statuses when resetting the list. What good is it to have a ton of MLINAT leads which I can't differentiate between unless I manually look up the matching vendor_lead_code for each lead to find out what caused it to be MLINAT in the first place?

I would also like to understand how Lead Recycling impacts Multi Lead Auto Alt Dialing beyond a recommendation not to have matching statuses in the Auto Alt Dial & Lead Recycling. Could this be causing my problems?

Lastly, what is the purpose of "agc/deactivate_lead.php"?

Yes, I read the Manager Manual and there is barely any info on the subject, beyond recommendation to use "agc/deactivate_lead.php"


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1) Welcome to the Party!

2) As you are obviously new here, I have some suggestions to help us all help you:

When you post, please post your entire configuration including (but not limited to) your installation method (7.X.X?) and vicidial version with build (VERSION: 2.X-XXXx ... BUILD: #####-####).

This IS a requirement for posting along with reading the stickies (at the top of each forum) and the manager's manual (available on, both free and paid versions)

You should also post: Asterisk version, telephony hardware (model number is helpful here), cluster information if you have one, and whether any other software is installed in the box. If your installation method is "manual/from scratch" you must post your operating system with version (and the .iso version from which you installed your original operating system) plus a link to the installation instructions you used. If your installation is "Hosted" list the site name of the host.

If this is a "Cloud" or "Virtual" server, please note the technology involved along with the version of that techology (ie: VMware Server Version 2.0.2). If it is not, merely stating the Motherboard model # and CPU would be helpful.

Similar to This:

Vicibox X.X from .iso | Vicidial X.X.X-XXX Build XXXXXX-XXXX | Asterisk X.X.X | Single Server | No Digium/Sangoma Hardware | No Extra Software After Installation | Intel DG35EC | Core2Quad Q6600

3) "Answering Machine" disposition: Do you mean status "A" or "AA" or "SVYVM"? Have you compared the configuration of "Answering Machine" with one of the other statuses that works as desired under Admin->System Statuses, just to be sure there isn't some simple explanation?

4) MLINAT: That's a feature requirement by whomever paid for this feature to be created. If you don't agree with it, you can of course offer to pay for the feature to be upgraded with a "change all MultiLead linked leads to the same status rather than MLINAT". The Vicidial Group is always available for these requests. Alternately, you could put a request for this feature into the feature request forum or even pay a 3rd party to create this feature for you. But remember that only The Vicidial Group can guarantee immediate inclusion in future versions and "upgrade" compatibiilty, even though where I work is where I would suggest (I'm obviously a bit prejudiced in that regard, lol). That being said, the code is open source and any php/perl programmer can easily make alterations, just warn them that Vicidial is a bit intricate and they should not make any changes that are unnecessary. Try to use the same apparent methods when editing any files, there's a reason for everything. And of course, upgrading will delete what they do and they'll have to do it again so keeping the changes simple is useful for "next time" along with copious notes in the code for what was done and why each change was made.

5) DO NOT use lead recycling for anything beyond it's build purpose: Calling back Busy leads in about 30-45 seconds. Lead Recycling completely overrides all other settings and WILL CALL that number when told to do so. Even if (for instance) you called, they called back, they said "NEVER CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN! I'LL SUE YOU!" Which presents a problem if your system then waits 10 minutes and calls the client again, which it WILL do with lead recycling. We don't recommend using lead recycling at all. Better to reset your list and generate a new call naturally after all leads have been dialed (dial them all, reset, dial them all again).
Thanks for the response.

By "Answering Machine" disposition I meant status "A".

I'm curious to hear from Matt or someone from the The Vicidial Group regarding MLINAT. I can't possibly be the first person who uses Multi Lead to ask how to differentiate between MLINAT dispositions before resetting a list. What if one of those leads was set to MLINAT due to a DNC request on a matching vendor_lead_code lead and they're "ready to sue"?

Or can "status parity" between matching vendor_lead_code leads be achieved with "agc/deactivate_lead.php"?


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Ready to sue is related to the number dialed. If they did not tell you to put each individual number in the DNC list, then only the number that are you presently talking to them on needs to be added, and you are free to call them on the other numbers. Legally. (I'd probably say it's best to not call any of their numbers after a DNC result, but ... business models differ, especially among collection agencies!).

If they do provide you with other numbers, you can either allow the agent to search for each of those leads and alter the status or manually add each of the numbers to the company DNC list as the client provides them.

I suspect you'll find more information searching the forum (via google) for more discussion on this topic, plus there is an Issue Tracker (top of this page) where the feature may have a more in-depth (technical, detailed) discussion and even some code. Or not. Depends on how this feature played out.
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