Any idea why WebRTC delays 5-8 minutes to register extension?


luisp - Member  
Hi for 2-3 months we had webrtc working well with vicidial then one day it wouldn't register extensions at all with a "failed to reg" on webphone, after fixing this issue it worked well for about 1 week with no registration issues but now this is the usual day for agents and does not happen to all of them.

1- When day starts agent logs in and webphone registers
2- Agent logs out for a 15 minute break
3- Agent logs back in from break and webphone fails to register, waits 5-8 minutes logged in and webphone registers
4- Agent logs out to go to lunch
5- Agent comes back and logs in, webphone may or may not register and then a wait time again for 5-8 minutes

This does not happen to everyone at the same time but may happen to a few at the same time
All agents are in different locations working remotely


adil - Member  
Hi @luisp
That may be due to your server SIP port has lot of fake registrations, that cause to stop or delayed process to authenticate it.
You may check the logs at:
asterisk -rvvvvvvvvv