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    After updating records in mysql incoming calls stopped

    VERSION: 2.4-259 BUILD: 100622-1700 After updating records in mysql, i.e we reassigned records to a new list id based on status, everything looks good but agents are not receiving calls. Campagn summary looks like calls are being placed but no calls will come into agents. Can anyone please...
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    Error-Sorry, there are no leads in the hopper for this campa

    I'm using VERSION: 2.4-259 BUILD: 100622-1700 and getting this message even though there are phone numbers that have not been called. " Sorry, there are no leads in the hopper for this campaign" I am able to login at times and at other times I cannot login to the same campaigns-lists? Can anyone...
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    Vicidial Configuration Consultant

    We are a call center located in St. Paul Minnesota U.S. We are interested in speaking with a Vicidial guru to help us with configuring the software for max potential. Please send an email with hourly rate and level of expertise. May need php and sql dev experience. VERSION: 2.4-259 BUILD...
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