VICIdial - VC Awesome Theme

VICIdial - VC Awesome Theme 0.9.2

Excellent support.
unbelievable -:)
I used different styles/themes but that has no support with new VICIdial versions.
Here working with Onlincer I really enjoyed and rebrand my brand here.
Awesome Theme. 10 / 10
Awesome :)
I have setup that style one of my another call center. 10 out of 10
10 out of 10.
Awesome support.
This theme is great, and the author is always responsive and makes the plugin even better at the request of customers.
Works well and was easy to install on both my VICIdial and server. Had a question and technical support was very quick on their feet. Thanks guys!
Really well integrated theme for my VICIdial. I'd been looking for something similar and this fulfills all my needs. Also, a super responsive developer with bug fixes and support. Highly recommended for your call center.
Awesome theme and nice support team. That's what was looking for my VICIdial - 10 out of 10
This is not only the best styling you can choose for your VICIdial, but the agent layout is also awesome. I’ve ever dealt with (for anything).

@Onlinecer (from SkinHouse) helped me to accomplish exactly what I need and in a very timely manner. I have been extremely picky with my needs. Despite my [too] many petty alteration requests, he caters to all of them, never showing a sign of burnout or frustration.

The fully custom theme he designed for to make VICIdial Awesome. Really!! receives complements regularly and is definitely recommend every call center.
Bought this theme for my VICIdial to mainly replace old one.
10 out of 10 :) Thanks
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